Gate Access and Vehicle Registration for Bentley Square Condominiums

The Bentley Square Condominium Association is a private, gated community with access and parking for vehicles of owner’s in good standing. Owners who are current on their assessments are entitled to receive 2 free access cards and parking permits registered to their residence at Bentley Square Condos. Property owners need to submit the Bentley Square Condominiums Registration Form along with copies of all required documents at the initial registration and each annual census. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the Managing Agent so they can be deleted and replacements issued.

Only owners are issued access cards. If you are a resident or tenant, the property owner must fill out and return the Bentley Square Condominium Registration form along with copies of the required documents to the Managing Agent.

Access cards for property owners that become delinquent on their assessments may be deleted from the card scanners and said owners will have their parking permits invalidated. Any resident vehicle with an invalid parking permit found on the Bentley Square Condominiums parking lot is subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s charge. Bentley Square Condominiums is not responsible for cars which are towed from the parking lot.

Owners please make sure to let the Managing Agent know of any car changes or additions to your household.

Tenants please verify with your landlord that registration is complete.

Registration forms can be found in the Rules and Forms section of the website.  You can also contact the Managing Agent directly if you need immediate assistance.

Guests of Bentley Square Condos needing access to the community can utilize the directory that is located along side the card reader at the main entrance.  If the guest knows the 4 digit code they can enter it directly on the keypad or use the search feature to look up the resident by name.  Once the name is found hitting the “Call” button will ring the telephone that has been registered to the unit.  After answering the owner can hit “9” on the telephone to open the front gate.  Only the person receiving the call can hit 9 to open the gate.  Guests should obtain a guest parking permit from the owner/resident and place that in their vehicle to avoid having their car towed.