Frequently Asked Questions

I have something I need to report.  Who can I contact?
The best start for any type of issue is to contact the Managing Agent. You can find their contact information as well as get in touch with them directly from the Contact page.

Who do I contact if my car gets towed?
Lew Blum Towing Company is the vendor that handles any towing needs for the Bentley Square Condominium Association. They can be reached at 215-222-5628. Click here to visit their website.

I lost my access card to the front gate. How can I get another one?
The Managing Agent will be able to assist you with a replacement card. You can find their contact information as well as get in touch with them directly from the Contact page.

I need to change the name that is listed on Directory located by the front gate. Who do I contact?
Please contact the Managing Agent. You can see their information on the Contact page.

I need to replace my windows/screens. How do I do that?
When replacing windows (apart from repairing ripped screens), you will need to adhere to the Association Rules & Regulations. Windows and screens replacements must be of a similar style and color. As such you will need to obtain approval from the Association Architectural Review Board prior to installation of any replacements. The Managing Agent can provide direction on the entire process.

I have a plumbing repair and need to shutoff water to my building. What is the procedure?
All water shutoffs are scheduled and coordinated through the Managing Agent. Except for emergencies, please allow at least 48 hours to schedule the shutoff as it may involve shutting off service for all the units in your building. An interruption for the entire building must be coordinated and residents must be notified. We will notify residents through telephone calls and hangers placed on the door knobs of the affected units.

Water shutoffs are typically scheduled for Monday to Friday from 9AM to 4PM, after which service must be restored. It is recommended that you use a licensed professional plumber. Our maintenance personnel will meet with your plumber and provide access to the utility room. Your plumber will be responsible for both shut off and restoration of water.

How do I shut off the gas?
The Association does not have natural gas in our community therefore there are no gas lines. As such, there are NO gas shut-offs.

How do I shutoff the electricity?
You should be able to perform the vast majority of electrical repairs in your unit using the in-unit circuit breaker. Please contact the Managing Agent if you have any work that you feel requires a building-wide power outage. It is recommended that you use a licensed professional electrician.

I have a maintenance issue that I believe is Bentley Square Condominium Association’s responsibility. How can I have this addressed?
Please submit all maintenance requests to the Managing Agent. Every attempt will be made to address your issue in a timely manner. You can expect a response to a maintenance request within 24-48 hours. Most maintenance requests will be responded to the same say. If the request is an emergency you should receive a response ASAP.

What do I do if another unit leaks water into my unit?
It is recommended that Owners work together to resolve inter-unit leaks. Where the Association or Management must intervene, fines and/or levied charges might be assessed to resolve the issue. Many of these issues can quickly be resolved through a claim to your individual unit’s insurance policy.

How do I get a key to my building’s utility room?
Requests for access to the building storage rooms need to be coordinated through the Managing Agent. You can find the Managing Agent’s contact information as well as get in touch with them directly from the Contact page. Residents are not permitted to have keys to the utility rooms of the building.

I think an animal may have gotten inside the walls. What do I do?
Please report any issues as soon as possible to the Managing Agent. We will coordinate with the Pest Control service provider to schedule access to your unit/building as appropriate. You can find the Managing Agent’s contact information as well as contact them directly from the Contact page.

What is the difference between my insurance and the master policy?
Individuals who live in a community association may assume they and their possessions are covered against loss by the Association’s master policy. This is not the case. A community association must provide insurance coverage against typical hazards and perils that might affect an individual owner of a residence, but this coverage does not usually extend to unit owner’s improvements and betterments, personal property, or personal liability. It is highly suggested that individual owners maintain individual policies for their own units. Our insurance agency has provided a good letter detailing what insurance coverage you should look for and what is/is not covered under the master policy. You can find this document on our Association Documents page under “Insurance.”

Where can I find a copy of our insurance policy certificate?
The Association’s insurance Agent has provided instruction  on how to receive a certificate of insurance as evidence of your home being insured under the Master Association policy. This information can be found under the Association Documents page under “Insurance.”

Who do I call if I feel that I have a claim that should be covered by the Master Insurance Policy?
Report the claim to the Managing Agent as soon as possible. You will need to provide them with the date of loss and the cause of loss. If management feels the loss would be covered by the Association’s Master insurance policy, they will report the loss to our Insurance agency. Please keep in mind that the Association has a $10,000 deductible for each covered loss. You should also report the claim to your personal lines insurance carrier as soon as possible.

Where do I send my payment for the monthly Bentley Square Condo fees?
Please send the payment to the Managing Agent at the address listed on the Contact page. Please include the coupon from the booklet received. If you lost your coupon book, please contact the Managing Agent for a replacement or direction on how to proceed.

Is there direct debit for the Bentley Square Condo fees?
Yes! You can either contact the Managing Agent to set this up or download the ACH Debit form located on our Forms page. Please remember to include a cancelled check when returning the form to the Managing Agent.

What do I do if my mailbox is missing the lock?
The individual mailbox lock is the responsibility of the individual owner. The mailbox unit as a whole, excluding the lock, is a common element and the responsibility of the condominium association. If you need a new lock for your specific mailbox one can be purchased at any of the big-box hardware stores, you can go to the post office and provide proof of address and purchase a new lock from them, or you can hire a locksmith for replacement.

What do I do if I lose my mailbox key or do not receive one from the previous owner?
In case of a lost mailbox key you will need to contact a locksmith as we do not have a copy of your box key.

How does recycling work?
Our trash is collected by the City of Philadelphia. The Streets Department Website provides information on recycling in Philadelphia.