As of 1/16/2015 the Bentley Square Condominiums Front Gate is activated.


The front gate is activated to open and close automatically allowing people to enter and exit the property. You do not need a security card to enter at this time. This is being done to allow the residents to get used to the gate being active.

There will be a temporary sign placed at the entrance informing people to pull up to the gate and the gate will automatically open. There is a sign on order that will be attached to the front gate informing people that the security measures of the gate will be activated on 3/15/2015 and to call AMCC to make sure you have an access card.

After 3/15/2015 you will required to have an access card to enter the property.

Important points:

  • Gate will be activated today and you can pull up to the gate and it will open automatically to enter and exit.
  • After 3/15/2015 you will need your access card to enter and exit the premises.
  • If you have returned a complete census you will receive an access card from AMCC.
  • If you have not returned your census, you need to call AMCC immediately to request an access card.