Bentley Square Condo Association Gate Security and Parking Passes


Parking Permits required for Bentley Square Condo AssociationSecurity for the Bentley Square Condo Association front gate has been activated. Only members in good standing who have paid their condo dues are permitted access to the Bentley Square Condominiums parking lot. As of now every member in good standing should have received their access cards. If you have not received your access card please contact AMCC at 267-460-0021. They will be able to provide an access card to every member who should have one.

The next step of the process is to issue parking passes to those members of the association that are in good standing.Valid Bentley Square Condo parking passes will need to be displayed inside all vehicles parked in the Bentley Square Condominiums parking lot. If there is not a valid parking pass displayed within the vehicle it will be towed by Lew Bloom towing. The Bentley Square Condominium Association is not responsible for vehicles which are towed if a valid parking pass is not displayed hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Additional information will be forthcoming from the management company with details on the parking passes. Everything is expected to be completed by the end of Summer 2015.